The Safesurge team brings you


The first dividend token on SRG20, receive Surge $SRG while holding InfinitySurge $Infinity


What have we built for You?


InfinitySurge is a reward token build on SRG20 


We structured our tax in a simple way

  • 6% $SRG Surge rewards
  • 1% Treasury 

The $SRG rewards will be distributed automatically to your wallets.

So just holding $Infinity does the job for you 😉

Transparent infinity

Our Team

Our CEO Dev


Our Code Dev


Our Marketing Dev


Our numbers Dev


What more will we build?

Staking Vaults

Together with our Big Brother SafeSurge we will implement the SafeVault system.

Here you can stake your $Infinity and $SafeSurge.

But also in this system you can store your SRG20 tokens of the projects that are subscribed to our Vaults.

The vaults will offer a reward in SRG or SRG20 tokens. 

We will add the partnership information here soon, Including other SRG20 projects that are partnered.

On the right you will find the logo’s of the participating SRG20 projects.

Projects partnered in SafeVaults